Two bears fall asleep in a gloomy forest. As they close their eyes, they both dive deep into a terrible nightmare. Hold against the evil thoughts and grasp for light, together!

(⚠️ 2 players needed)


Each player needs to dodge the dark thoughts, while protecting its friend by building shields on the other world.

Don't forget to catch the dreams, otherwise you will suffer terrible balls of nightmare!


- WASD + F

- arrows + space

Controllers supported (Joysticks + A button)

Theme: Deeper and deeper

Since the link is not really obvious : the idea was to go deeper and deeper into a nightmare. The dark thoughts on the border of the screen are harsher and harsher, while the music gets darker on each sleep stage.


Here's a gameplay video in case you're only one player but curious about the game:


Nightbear_Windows.zip 18 MB
Nightbear_macOS.zip 31 MB
Nightbear_Linux_X11.zip 19 MB

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